Committee Chair - Sara Bullard

To develop a way to recognize excellence in real estate activities, including but not limited to property and asset management, maintenance, and community service to other areas.

Committee Chair - Roberta Scoblick

To support the Association through recruitment of new Principal and Associate members, sponsorship of approved activities, participation in vendor spotlights, and providing industry-specific information as requested by the Association.

Committee Chair - Tyler Graybeal

To strengthen association membership through the implementation of effective recruiting and retention programs by encouraging, supporting, and providing information to prospective members.

Committee Chair - Lindsay Barrier

To promote the educational interests and professional development of commercial real estate property professionals through informative programs and/or seminars on new and relevant topics of interest.

Committee Chair - Peter deLeon

To provide entertaining and education programs for our bi-monthly luncheons of interest to the Association members and the commercial real estate industry.

Committee Chair - Michele Lowery

To market, inform and communicate through internet website, manage social media outlets & content, advertising, and public relation issues in conjunction with the executive board members.

Committee Chair - Brian Durney

To promote the interests of the commercial real estate industry through legislative analysis, advocacy, and member education. Also, to improve conditions relative to the ownership and management of commercial real estate property.

Committee Chair - Bobby Ciampa

To plan, promote, and execute the events, including luncheons, golf tournaments, and TOBY awards, throughout the year.

Committee Chair - Nicole Stetkiewicz

To ensure the Annual Sponsorships provide value to our Allied Members are appropriately priced and include programs, goods, and services that are in line with our peers.


If interested in joining a committee, please contact the Account Executive at