Property Manager Certification Program

Finally, the commercial real estate industry has a professional certification that provides early recognition for foundational knowledge and guides the next generation of property managers toward greater responsibility and success in their careers: the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP).

Why the CMCP™ Certification Is Right for You!

  • CMCP™ is the only certification of its kind for early-career commercial property managers you may qualify with as little as one year's experience
  • Instantly communicates your ability to be an effective commercial property manager with a strong understanding of the responsibilities of the role
  • Offers recognition early in your career and increases your value to your company and the industry
  • Signals to employers you have the potential to advance and grow in your career and can navigate the fast-changing world of commercial real estate
  • Boosts confidence by validating your knowledge of fundamental commercial real estate operations and management principles
  • May increase your chances for promotion and/or additional responsibilities and opportunities

NEW***   DNA of ESG

Introducing the newest certificate from BOMI, the DNA of ESG.
Watch this video for a quick update!

More than 40% of all CO2 emissions come from the built environment, which is why ESG has become a major corporate imperative. This ESG Certificate provides a real-world understanding of ESG and how to incorporate best practices into your organization.

The ESG Certificate is a comprehensive credential for the commercial real estate industry. Spearheaded by Dave Pogue and RiverRock Real Estate Group, we've assembled an experienced panel of industry experts to present a program focused on asset-level, portfolio-level, and corporate-level ESG issues and practices.

The ESG Certificate has five ShortCourses, approximately 2-3 hours in length, available in our online self-paced format. Just interested in one of the topics? You can take each ShortCourse on its own or bundle and save to earn a certificate.