TOBY Awards Banquet

BOMA Raleigh-Durham 2022 TOBY/Holiday Banquet
Was a Great Success, and we thank all those who attended and made the night as special as all the Nominees and Winners!
Please look forward to our Banquet Photos being uploaded Soon!

TOBY Awards

The TOBY Awards are the most prestigious and comprehensive programs of their kind in the commercial real estate industry recognizing quality in buildings and rewarding excellence in building management.

During the competitions, all facets of a building's operations are thoroughly evaluated. Buildings are judged on everything from community involvement and site management to environmental and "green" policies and procedures.


The competition consists of three levels. The competition begins at the BOMA local association level, winning entries advance from there to the regional level, and finally, regional winners advance to the international level. The international TOBY Awards will be presented at the BOMA International Conference each year.